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Review: The Play That Goes Wrong

Written by  Monday, 22 December 2014
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The Play That Goes Wrong is a comedy created by Mischief Theatre, founded in 2008 by a group of LAMDA graduates who originally set up as an improvised comedy group.

As a fellow LAMDA graduate it is very important for me to state that my review is in no way biased by my obvious connection and is a true depiction of my views of the production.

Ok, with that out of the way, this production is… utterly brilliant! The comedic timing, slick interaction with the audience and complete joy of performance exudes in waves from the stage. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at the theatre. Tears were streaming down my face on numerous occasions! I left at the end feeling both exhausted and thoroughly elated.

The cast include the original writers of the show, and you can tell. This is a piece of theatre that must have been a pure pleasure to workshop. It is impossible to highlight any stand out performance from such a talented crew. This is a slick ensemble piece of epic proportion.

The play is the classic “play within a play” scenario, with the production of “Murder at Haversham Manor (Da da DAAAAAA!!!) by the members of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society. The fact that the whole audience know that everything that can go wrong will go wrong only heightens the anticipation to see what happens next and the building despair of the “actors” is comedic genius.

Mention must be given the backstage crew and the set designer, Nigel Hook, who are all as much a part of the success of this show as the performers.

Thanks to the director, Mark Bell, and the whole cast and crew for putting on a show that is by far my favourite of 2014.

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Paul Taylor

Paul studied at the renowned theatre school LAMDA before taking up a career as an actor/director. He has starred in various West End shows and was the first ever actor from the West to play a lead role on Chinese TV in a 21-hour long series, with a weekly audience of 300,000,000.

Paul decided to retrain in arts marketing 19 years ago and use his new found skills to fill in the gaps between his acting work. He now works full-time in marketing as one of the Managing Directors of arts marketing agency Consider This UK.

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